Pioneering Online Credit Management for Businesses

Reduces your bad debts  and cuts chasing time in half

Ralph Izod, MD of Dyno-Pest invited Direct Route to review his credit management processes. Following the review, he invested in AccountAssyst. Here’s what Ralph has to say about it….

“AccountAssyst is easy to use and we’re already saving time on our credit control.  I’m impressed with ROSI Monitor and the quality of the business credit reports which actually cost less than my previous credit report provider. The information is available in seconds and it’s as up-to-date as you can get.”

Why small businesses need AccountAssyst

  • In a tough economic climate, ascertaining the real creditworthiness of a business asking for credit is not easy. The information available via the existing credit information services is often many months out of date. And trying to credit check a sole trader or partnership is almost impossible.
  • How do you know if your existing customers are still creditworthy?  If you knew they were in financial difficulties you’d probably reduce their credit levels  to protect your business from potential bad debt wouldn’t you?
  • Time is precious. You need to reduce the time you spend chasing overdue invoices by improving the efficiency of your systems and  crucially collecting the right information before you start trading or at a timely review. But how?

AccountAssyst Is your Solution

AccountAssyst is a powerful, simple to use online credit management solution that includes:

  •  New customer account opening.
  •  Existing customer account reviews.
  • The unique ROSI monitor early warning system.
  • An online automated overdue monies chase process -cuts in half the  time you spend chasing overdue money.
  • High-quality credit reports (including reports for start up businesses) plus Companies House and CCJ monitoring.

Complete the ‘Get in Touch‘ form or contact us on 01274 223190 for more benefits of AccountAssyst. Why not visit . Click “Join Now” and you’ll be credited with 50 free units.  Enough for a credit report on your business and some of your competitors or customers.  You may want to register some of your customers for invaluable ROSI Monitor early warning alerts. In the current economic climate, FREE access to superior prevention and protection systems plus help with cash flow is a good enough reason to look more closely at this pioneering system.

Mike Schlup, Managing Director of Kalimex ( bought into AccountAssyst lock stock and barrel…

“I wish I had known about  AccountAssyst five years ago. Our credit control process is now streamlined and watertight. We are already seeing the benefits… chasing overdue invoices is no longer a hit and miss affair.  The system automatically does it for us, prompting us at each stage. Also because we were offered a free upload of our existing customers, we’ve been able to contact each one with our updated terms and conditions. The entire process takes minutes because it is all online. The system has integrated with our accountancy and CRM systems and the support we have received has been first class.”

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