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Being owed money by your customers and continually chasing for payment is a disheartening and frustrating process. Not being paid despite your very best efforts can put you in the unpleasant situation of not being able to pay your suppliers too. Your cash flow – the life blood of your business can dry up and before you know it, you’re in dire financial straits – and it’s not your fault.

There is a solution.

In today’s economic climate with more businesses than ever not paying to terms, having a professional, ethical and experienced commercial debt recovery specialist is essential; an emergency service for your business. Instruct Direct Route today to pursue your outstanding debts.

Here’s why you should…

  1. Our recovery rate is excellent – it takes our skilled account managers an average of just 33 days to recover outstanding debts. A major boost to your cash flow.
  2. 7 out of 10 debts are collected by us (within 33 days) without the need for further legal action. This saves you an awful lot of time, trouble and expense further down the line. If however legal action is necessary we offer a complete legal service through our onsite dedicated legal department creating further recoveries in the long term.
  3. The unique Register of Outstanding Invoices (ROSI) is unparalleled in accelerating the collection of your unpaid debts and prioritising you at the head of your debtor’s queue. If a demand is sent to a debtor company requesting payment of overdue invoices on behalf of one of its clients and the debtor company fails to pay the overdue monies within the deadline specified (generally seven days) an entry is posted on ROSI. The debtor company is notified of the imminent posting of the late invoice information as a part of the demand process. When the debtor company is considering a number of demands from third-party debt collection agencies or solicitors, those with ROSI warnings are often prioritised in order that the debtor company retains all aspects of their credit rating. A failure to pay a ROSI demand is therefore considered as highly significant. Research has shown that ROSI increases the likelihood of your debt being paid by more than 50% compared to a demand sent without ROSI.
  4. Direct Route were the pioneers in zero cost debt collection services, providing an alternative to the more traditional commission based debt collection services which we offer too. It’s possible to have your outstanding debts recovered, without you paying a penny.
  5. We are tenacious but professional in all of our dealings with your debtors. We send all demand letters by fax, post and e-mail including the distinctive ROSI warning card which cannot be overlooked.
  6. Our team have over 80 years’ experience in debt collection. Where others may falter through a lack of knowledge, experience and qualification, they succeed. We have built our name on service and results.
  7. We have built our reputation on delivering exceptional service levels to our clients. You have your own experienced and dedicated account manager, responsible for pursuing your outstanding debts. You will also have password protected access to our website where you can review the progress of your debt recovery each day.

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