The unique Register of Outstanding Invoices (ROSI) is unparalleled in accelerating the collection of your unpaid debts and prioritising you at the head of your debtor’s queue.

If a demand is sent to a debtor company requesting payment of overdue invoices on behalf of one of its clients and the debtor company fails to pay the overdue monies within the deadline specified (generally seven days) an entry is posted on ROSI.

The debtor company is forewarned and notified of the imminent posting of the late invoice information as an important part of the demand process, often resulting in accelerated collection for you.

When the debtor company is considering a number of demands from third-party debt collection agencies or solicitors, those with ROSI warnings are often prioritised in order that the debtor company retains all aspects of their credit rating.

A failure to pay a ROSI demand is therefore considered as highly significant. Research has shown that ROSI increases the likelihood of your debt being paid promptly by more than 50% compared to a demand letter sent without ROSI.