Absconder Tracing

Let Us Track Down Your Elusive Debtor

Direct Route offers a range of tracing services, considered essential by many clients when faced with the all too common situation of locating a debtor proving difficult to track down. When communications are being returned because the debtor is no longer at the address on your files, they have to be traced if your debt is to be vigorously pursued and recovered.

Direct Route clients have access to our debtor tracing service on a No Find No Fee basis. Once the debtor tracing is complete there is no reason why you cannot begin pursuing the debt again.

A Cautionary Note…

Some debtors are skilled in the art of skipping addresses frequently making it challenging to trace them. Without a current address, any legal action that you initiated against a debtor is rarely enforceable.

Often, the success or otherwise of tracking a debtor rests upon the information that you gathered when you initially offered them credit.  If your agreement was based on no more than a handshake plus a few details, it won’t strengthen your case.  Visit directroute.accountassyst.com to find out the information you could be gathering on new and existing customers plus the quality of the credit reports – making it much easier to trace that debtor!

Other Tracing Services offered by Direct Route

We also offer Employment Tracing, Re-checks and Pre-Sue Reports.

If you would like to find out more about our tracing services please Get In Touch or call us on 01274 223190.