Route One

Putting You at the Front of the Queue

The Direct Route Route One Service is available on debts over £750.00 where the debt is owed by a Limited Company registered in England or Wales. The outstanding account must not be disputed in any way. For example, the payment of the debt is not being disputed due to service, quality or non-delivery issues.  It is a straightforward matter of a debtor refusing to pay the debt.

In these circumstances, where the debt value and circumstances merit it, the Route One Service is often a quicker and more economical way to recover an outstanding debt than the issue of standard court action. That’s because the Route One Service utilises the strongest legal measures which can potentially lead to a debtors bank account being frozen in just 11 working days.

The Main Benefits of the Route One Service

  • The process bypasses many of the usual court delays
  • Court Judgment is not required to issue the action
  • Extremely Cost effective when debt is of the right value
  • Prioritises your debt to the front of the queue
  • Commission chargeable upon success only (Fairway Gold Members 2%, Platinum Club Members 0%)
  • Can freeze debtor’s bank account in just eleven working days
  • Can get you paid when nothing else would have worked

If you would like to find out more about the Route One Service, please ‘Get in Touch‘ or call us on 01274 223190.