Debt Recovery Options

Debt Recovery Options


Direct Route (incorporated in 1994) and their Fairway Gold product is one of the most established debt recovery solutions within the UK. Fairway Gold provides B2B suppliers of goods and services with results that our competitors envy. Over the years some 12,000 clients have utilised the debt recovery services of Direct Route, with the vast majority operating on these terms:

As a Fairway Gold client you will benefit from Zero Cost Debt Recovery on debts up to £3,000 with subsidised commissions of just 2% on successful recoveries of greater value. It is the most utilised service of Direct Route clients and is the primary income stream source for the business. It is what we are good at, plain and simple.

Should court action be recommended, after the initial collection cycle, then a client will be requested to pay the issue and enforcement fees, just as if they had instructed the court directly. Debts collected through this process are however recovered extremely quickly, within 12 working days on average, and of course very often pre-legally as a consequence.

With the advent of Platinum Club however clients of Direct Route may soon see commission cost and the outlay of court fees as a thing of the past.


From time to time we encounter clients that are slightly more suited to Fairway Silver. Just as with Fairway Gold the client receives zero cost debt recovery on all debts up to £3,000 and subsidised 2% debt recovery on greater values collected on their behalf. The client pays their own court issue and enforcement fees where legal action is required.


Occasionally debt collection clients may require a commission based service whereby they prefer to pick up a commission fee rather than pass any collection fees onto their customers (usually for customer retention purposes). Sometimes circumstances also dictate that a client may not be able to utilise the other collection options available for legislative reasons, such as international collections. Whilst these requirements are quite rare, nevertheless Direct Route can offer clients this service on a pre-agreed commission rate, by negotiation.


Operating since 2004 ROSI is once again an exclusive offering for clients benefit, not available on the open market. First and foremost it is used by Direct Route as a debt collection tool to help bring monies in more effectively for clients. It certainly explains why so many debtor companies decide to settle their overdue accounts within seven days of Direct Route being instructed!

Additionally ROSI generates early warning alerts for subscribers and users of AccountAssyst. When used in the correct environment it can prove both meaningful and invaluable as a data source that will save clients thousands of pounds in write-offs. In certain industries it is already regarded as a very major indicator of poor credit standing, well in advance of traditional systems.