Platinum Club

Platinum Club

Direct Route Platinum Club offers clients zero cost debt recovery on debts of all values i.e. no commission fee, no court issue or enforcement fee or per debt charge whatsoever to the client.

Platinum Club works by the invited membership combining resources to collectively create zero cost debt collection. It is for business-to-business transactions and has now evolved to include court issue and enforcement fees for occasions when legal action is unavoidable.

Platinum Club is the new flagship service from Direct Route and is set to once again (just as Direct Route did with the launch of zero cost debt recovery during August 2002) change the way in which the UK debt collection market operates.

  • Zero Cost Debt Recovery on all debts values (No account is too high, no invoice is too small)
  • All Legal and Enforcement Fees Paid by the Club on their behalf*
  • Pro-Active Daily Activity and Outbound Calling to ensure speedy results
  • Online Progress Updates Available 24/7, through our Case Progress Portal
  • Complimentary Professional Advice from experts on all credit management matters

Some Key Considerations

For Platinum Club to be a success for you, then your company account opening systems and credit management processes must be robust. If you are unsure about this then don’t worry, as we can easily help you to remedy this issue. Contact Us to discuss.

The debtor company that owes monies pays the fees for your debt collections as a part of this process. So if customer retention is important for you when instructing us, then you may instead benefit from one of our other effective collections services on a ‘no collect no fee’ basis. Fairway Gold and Fairway Silver Memberships are offered to all clients, so whatever your needs, we already have an appropriate collections solution for you.

Call 01274 223 190 now to find out whether you qualify for this Premium Zero Cost Service. We just need to ask a few questions initially and you could be up and running within minutes if you satisfy the requirements.

*Standard Enforcement of Bailiff or High Court Enforcement Officer through the court process applies. Other Enforcement methods subject to negotiation and charges as applicable.