Solicitor's letter before action explained

If we’re honest, no one in business genuinely likes chasing unpaid invoices. It’s awkward, and it can take up a considerable amount of time and resources. Time and resources that could be better utilised elsewhere in the business. We get it. Unpaid invoices are challenging. They can cause cash flow problems, breakdowns in business relationships, […]

International Debt Recovery Explained

Most businesses today operate internationally, with clients accessing goods and services worldwide. While this generation of new business is good news and offers more opportunities, it also presents a whole host of new challenges regarding invoicing and payments. Whether you operate locally, nationally, or internationally, there is always a chance that you won’t get paid. […]

International Debt Recovery Explained

Statute-barred debt is a legal term that most credit control teams and debt collection agencies will be familiar with. It is a term that refers to the legal time limit that a creditor has to collect on an outstanding debt. This time-barred debt becomes statute-barred after this set time period and when certain conditions are […]

What are the causes poor cash flow issues and how should you manage them

Every business wants to maintain a healthy bank balance and healthy cash flow.  However, is the reality that poor cash flow is causing you an unimaginable amount of stress? Is it eating into your future business plans and cash reserves? Or even worse….is it slowly swallowing up your business whole?  We know from reports that […]

Client Disputing Invoice

As a business owner, you’ll no doubt come across a whole range of challenges during your time running the company. An issue that can be uncomfortable to deal with is a disputed invoice. Today we’re going to share a complete guide on how to handle invoice disputes and the best ways to avoid this happening […]

What is Outsource Credit Control

As a busy business owner, you likely don’t have the time to deal with endless problems while trying to keep your business running smoothly. It’s important to figure out early on in your career which tasks are worth doing yourself and which ones you can outsource or delegate to someone else to reduce stress and […]

Different of recovery rates explained

Credit control departments have a wide and varied role. They have a significant responsibility to ensure that invoices are paid on time, every time, and customers don’t default on loans and credit agreements.  To help, business debt collection services are available if you do fall victim to outstanding invoices, helping teams to successfully collect on […]

Top warning signs of business who is in a financial trouble

All businesses can and most likely will experience cash flow problems at specific points in their business journey. Fortunately, these are often only temporary setbacks, and the majority of businesses that have robust credit control procedures in place continue to operate in a financially sound way (often using business debt collection as a means to […]

Top warning signs of business who is in a financial trouble

Retention payments are a challenging subject within the construction industry and an area that continues to be debated within the sector and Government. As professional debt collectors, we are only too well aware of retention payments and the negative impact overdue and late payments on retentions, causes contractors and subcontractors. Affecting their cash flow and, […]

Writ of Control Explained

Customers absconding from paying their invoices causes a lot of headaches for businesses as they try to manage cash flow and spend copious amounts of time and resources chasing outstanding and late payments. In some instances, when debtors continue to refuse to pay and tried and tested invoice collection methods are no longer working, you […]