Independent collections vs. outsourcing debt recovery

Many businesses will understand the feeling, only too well, of frustration and anxiety when customers become late payers or, even worse, refuse to pay.  Companies of all sizes depend on regular cash flow to keep their business running.   However, when invoices become overdue, this can put everything at risk.  These situations can be difficult and […]

Self-employed vs. late payment

Recent reports from Paym show that currently, one in three sole traders struggle with late payments, with approximately 50% reporting not getting paid on time or, even worse, not at all.  The UK self-employed lose out on £8.1 billion per year, accounting for approximately £2,472 each.  This is no small sum.   What’s more, we understand from working […]

The importance of invoice payment terms

With the right payment terms in place, getting paid promptly, or indeed on time, can fast become a reality, and it’s all down to your invoicing.  The invoice you send to your customer and the information it contains cannot be underestimated.  However, for many businesses, an invoice template and the wording on the invoice is […]

Types of businesses that use debt collection agencies

Does your credit control team need extra support?  Do you have outstanding invoices piling up?  Are you looking for expertise and experience in chasing payments?  Then, like thousands of businesses across the UK, a commercial collection agency could be the perfect solution.  Flexible and agile to meet a range of business needs, commercial debt collection agencies work […]

Debt collection Myths vs. Reality

Debt collection and debt collectors can often be two phrases that generate certain connotations with people and businesses. However, unfortunately, these usually come with a range of stories and outdated information.  In business, keeping your cash flowing is essential. But this can be difficult when some customers continue to pay late or refuse to pay […]

The true realities of debt collection

Collecting and chasing overdue invoices is very rarely a straightforward process. There is often a reason why a customer is withholding payment, and quite often, these situations can prove to be more than a little challenging.  Debt collection is a vital component in any business’s credit control process, affecting cash flow and even your relationship […]

Direct Route Collection Limited

Debt collection agencies can be an invaluable extension of your credit control processes and team, especially when collecting payments from difficult customers or having the skills and expertise to chase overdue invoices.  Today, there are more and more businesses looking to outsource their collections to help save time, because they don’t have the personnel in-house, […]

Top Tips to Improve Your Invoicing Procedures

Invoices aren’t everyone’s favourite part of owning a business, but they are a necessity if you want to get paid on time for your work. While we hope you already know how to process an invoice, we encourage you to continue learning how to improve your invoicing procedures. Hiring a collection agency for unpaid invoices is something that we always recommend if you find […]

How to Handle Invoice Disputes

For business owners across the country, one of the most frustrating parts of collecting payments is when a client begins disputing an invoice. While this is often an unavoidable part of owning a business, there are things you can do to smooth over this issue and ensure you are paid on time. As an invoice collection agency, […]

How to Create the Perfect Invoice

When it comes to avoiding overdue invoice payments, you’ll want to ensure that you are writing the perfect invoice each and every time. Although our company will be more than happy to help you send an overdue invoice email, we encourage you to always try and get your invoice procedure right to avoid this issue in the […]