Top warning signs of business who is in a financial trouble

All businesses can and most likely will experience cash flow problems at specific points in their business journey. Fortunately, these are often only temporary setbacks, and the majority of businesses that have robust credit control procedures in place continue to operate in a financially sound way (often using business debt collection as a means to […]

Top warning signs of business who is in a financial trouble

Retention payments are a challenging subject within the construction industry and an area that continues to be debated within the sector and Government. As professional debt collectors, we are only too well aware of retention payments and the negative impact overdue and late payments on retentions, causes contractors and subcontractors. Affecting their cash flow and, […]

Writ of Control Explained

Customers absconding from paying their invoices causes a lot of headaches for businesses as they try to manage cash flow and spend copious amounts of time and resources chasing outstanding and late payments. In some instances, when debtors continue to refuse to pay and tried and tested invoice collection methods are no longer working, you […]

Buy Debt - Options for Selling Debt

If you find yourself in debt, you might be wondering the options on offer to you. We know that companies go through many challenging times in their history, but the good news is that there are options on offer to help you out. We know the challenge you can face to recover outstanding invoice payments, […]

Credit Control Policy Explained

When you set up your business, one of the first tasks you need to undertake before you sell your first product or service is to have a clear credit control policy in place. If you don’t have guidelines set for both your team members and your clients, you could end up struggling with small debt […]

Credit Control Tips

As a business owner, looking after your finances with credit control is one of the most important tasks that you have. If you want your business to remain in operation for many years, you need to keep on top of your company’s cash flow and ensure you stop issues from escalating too quickly. One of […]

Credit card debt consolidation explained

Credit card debt is easy to accumulate, can grow rapidly, and becomes challenging to keep on top of – especially if you have more than one credit card. To help keep your finances under control and more manageable, many individuals and businesses look to consolidate their credit card debt into one monthly payment. This is […]

What is a third party debt order

Debt collection processes and procedures contain a number of stages and protocols, with each stage of the collection process carefully planned out and considered, where appropriate solutions are implemented to ensure the most successful outcome for you. One such stage is a third-party debt order implemented when a customer fails to make court-ordered payments on […]

What is the smallest debt a collection agency can chase

This question is similar to “How long is a piece of string?” in that there is no finite amount, but there are considerations to bear in mind when outsourcing overdue invoices and seeking small debt recovery. As commercial debt collectors, we’re often asked about the minimum invoice value that an agency can chase. Our response… […]

What is Credit Risk management

If you sell goods on credit, how confident are you that when you issue your invoice, you will receive 100% of the money outstanding and you will receive this on time? Overdue invoices and late payments can financially ruin businesses, negatively affecting cash flow and harming your financial situation. This makes credit management and analysing […]