The Most Common Reasons for Invoice Disputes in the UK

Dealing with unpaid invoices is something that more businesses than ever have been struggling with over the past few years. By educating yourself on the most common reasons for invoices being unpaid, you can work to understand invoice dispute UK law better. Let’s take a look at what to do with an invoice unpaid in […]

How to Calculate Bad Debt Relief

Bad debt relief is something that every company needs to be aware of to help them recover from unpaid invoices. If you provide your services or products to a customer and then send them an invoice, you’ll have to ensure you are paying VAT to HMRC during your next tax return. However, when the client […]

Pandemic debt

The pandemic has caused endless issues for companies around the country, who are struggling now with debt recovery from the pandemic. No matter what industry you work in, you’ll find that there are still many companies struggling to pay their bills and get back on track. Commercial debt has become even more of an issue […]

Bad debt recovery

As a business owner, you are no doubt aware of the struggles that many companies and individuals are going through as a result of the recent pandemic. One term you might hear used more often lately is bad debt. Many companies aren’t aware of the advantages of working with a commercial collection agency, which you […]

Tips on what to include in your unpaid invoice email

Collecting money for invoices and chasing payment for outstanding invoices is a big part of a business’s credit control function. And, with a third of small businesses seeing an increase in late payments, having the right systems, procedures, and follow-up email templates in place to support your credit control team when dealing with overdue and […]

We are empowering Sole Traders to get paid!

It takes bravery and courage to be able to start your own business. You end up wearing several hats as you try your best to juggle doing your actual work to generate revenues while running all the operations on the backend. Unfortunately, one of those operations is collecting invoices and payments from all your clients. […]

International Invoicing

You’ve mastered invoicing locally within the UK and have been able to keep your accountant happy and all your documents in order. However, the demand for your product has attracted international interest, and you want to be able to service these new clients while ensuring you’re going to get paid properly. Being appropriately paid goes […]

Independent collections vs. outsourcing debt recovery

Many businesses will understand the feeling, only too well, of frustration and anxiety when customers become late payers or, even worse, refuse to pay.  Companies of all sizes depend on regular cash flow to keep their business running.   However, when invoices become overdue, this can put everything at risk.  These situations can be difficult and […]

Self-employed vs. late payment

Recent reports from Paym show that currently, one in three sole traders struggle with late payments, with approximately 50% reporting not getting paid on time or, even worse, not at all.  The UK self-employed lose out on £8.1 billion per year, accounting for approximately £2,472 each.  This is no small sum.   What’s more, we understand from working […]

The importance of invoice payment terms

With the right payment terms in place, getting paid promptly, or indeed on time, can fast become a reality, and it’s all down to your invoicing.  The invoice you send to your customer and the information it contains cannot be underestimated.  However, for many businesses, an invoice template and the wording on the invoice is […]