Debt Validation Requirements for Collectors

If you’ve ever been contacted by a debt collection agency, you might be wondering if they were legitimately able to collect the debt in question from you. Whether you find yourself in this situation currently or are looking to collect debt from outstanding invoices as a business owner, it’s important to learn about the debt […]

How a Debt Collection Agency Can Help Your Cash Flow

Struggling with your cash flow is a very concerning thing to experience as a business owner. If you find yourself in this position currently, you’ll be pleased to know there are many resources out there to support you during this trying time. A debt recovery agency will work with you to learn about your current […]

Reasons why companies choose to sell invoices

Selling invoices is something that many companies choose to do, especially in times of difficulty. There’s nothing more annoying for a business owner than outstanding invoices, which is why they might decide to cut their losses and sell them instead. If you are having ongoing issues with an invoice unpaid by your clients, make sure […]

How to respond when a debt collector contacts you

Having a debt collector contact you out of the blue can be a scary moment to experience. While you may have an indication that this phone call was coming, in other situations, you may find yourself wondering if this is a scam. A debt collection service should always be professional when contacting people about an […]

What is a debt ratio and why it's a key financial metric

Here at Direct Route Ltd, we are passionate about supporting businesses who are struggling with unpaid invoices and debt concerns. Today we’re going to share with you our guide to debt ratio. It’s a key financial metric that everyone should know about in order to protect their finances moving forward. We’ll be here to support […]

Are you liable for your spouse's debt-min

As a debt collection agency we get asked this question a lot, and generally speaking, no, you are not liable for any debt that your spouse has run up. However, this doesn’t mean you aren’t affected in other ways. When a debt is taken out in just one person’s name, only that person and that […]

Can collection agencies sell or transfer the rights to your accounts-min

This is one of the biggest questions we’re asked. Simply put, yes, a collection agency can sell or transfer the rights to your accounts, and this can happen at any time and without your permission. However, when working with professional collection agencies, if accounts are indeed passed over to a new collections team, the new […]

Are unpaid invoices tax deductible-min

Keeping your business finances in order and making sure all outstanding invoices are paid isn’t everyone’s favourite job, but it is essential.  As the end of another tax year looms, businesses will now be looking at their potential payable income tax for the year.  And as part of your end-of-year taxes, it’s important to be […]

Signs a Customer Can't Pay an Invoice on Time

While we all wish to see the best in each of our clients, there are certain indicators that might suggest a customer won’t pay an invoice on time. This can be an incredibly frustrating situation to find yourself in, leaving you short of the money you were owed when needing to pay bills at the […]

Help! 2 Debt Collectors Are Calling About the Same Debt

When you receive two phone calls within a short period of time about the same debt, it can be a very confusing experience. Debt collection agencies are often tasked with getting in touch with those with outstanding payments, which once in a while can result in the realisation that 2 debt collectors are calling about […]