Can collection agencies sell or transfer the rights to your accounts-min

This is one of the biggest questions we’re asked. Simply put, yes, a collection agency can sell or transfer the rights to your accounts, and this can happen at any time and without your permission. However, when working with professional collection agencies, if accounts are indeed passed over to a new collections team, the new […]

Are unpaid invoices tax deductible-min

Keeping your business finances in order and making sure all outstanding invoices are paid isn’t everyone’s favourite job, but it is essential.  As the end of another tax year looms, businesses will now be looking at their potential payable income tax for the year.  And as part of your end-of-year taxes, it’s important to be […]

Signs a Customer Can't Pay an Invoice on Time

While we all wish to see the best in each of our clients, there are certain indicators that might suggest a customer won’t pay an invoice on time. This can be an incredibly frustrating situation to find yourself in, leaving you short of the money you were owed when needing to pay bills at the […]

Help! 2 Debt Collectors Are Calling About the Same Debt

When you receive two phone calls within a short period of time about the same debt, it can be a very confusing experience. Debt collection agencies are often tasked with getting in touch with those with outstanding payments, which once in a while can result in the realisation that 2 debt collectors are calling about […]

Unfair Collection practices

Debt collection is something that many businesses will have to deal with at some point or another. However, when it comes to this task, you need to ensure you are aware of the unfair debt collection practices that are often used by companies. Learning about these can protect yourself and also ensure you aren’t subjecting […]

Should you charge late payment fees for overdue invoices

Unfortunately, late payment and not being paid on time is a common problem for a lot of businesses. Especially smaller businesses. Businesses who rely on payments being on time in order to keep a healthy cash flow. To help alleviate the growing problem of late payment, businesses are now encouraged to include fees and interest […]

Spotting a Fake Debt Collection Agency

We’ve heard a lot of debt collection horror stories over the years, and unfortunately, with the increase in fake collection agencies, the reputation of the sector is facing ever further scrutiny.  The good news is, Direct Route Ltd is here to help. Not only by providing a vast range of professional debt collection services, but […]

Tips on what to do when a customer doesn't pay

You’ve done the job. You’ve sent your invoice. And now you’re being ghosted, and you have yet to determine when or even if you’re going to get paid. Unfortunately, clients paying late or not paying at all is not uncommon, and it can affect businesses of all sizes – no one is immune. To help […]

Calculating interest on commercial debts

Charging interest on late payments is not only acceptable but is encouraged in order to evoke change and reduce the percentage of businesses experiencing cash flow problems due to overdue invoices. Late payment of commercial debts costs businesses thousands every year, and it’s becoming increasingly important to stop late payers in their tracks to support […]

Credit and Collections Calling vs. Emailing

Today, many different communication methods are available, from text messages to video calls, email or call, and more. And whether in debt collection, sales calls, or even call-back requests, we all have a preference on how we would like a third party to contact us. Companies will also have a preference on how they communicate […]