How to improve your debt recovery

In any business, any shape or size, cash flow and income can be adversely affected when a customer chooses not to pay their invoice.  This is when businesses and business owners need to be effective at debt collecting, or you must look to hire a team that is!  The good news is there are things […]

Debt collection advice for small business

As a small business owner/manager, it’s essential that you get paid on time and if we’re honest get paid full stop.  Late payments and refusal to pay can have disastrous consequences for small businesses who rely on regular cash flow to keep their business operating.  Business debt collection and chasing debtors is not an area […]

Successful collections in even the most unusual of times

Every business across every industry sector is working amid the most challenging of times, and for all businesses that are continuing to operate, today’s business is anything but usual.  However, collections and collecting on outstanding debts must continue for businesses to grow and survive.  The good news is Direct Route is on hand to provide expert professional […]

Choosing the right debt collection agency for you

If you’re thinking about choosing a debt collection agency to help you collect on overdue invoices and unpaid debts, there are a few things to bear in mind to make sure you find not only a professional and experienced agency but an agency that is a good fit with your business.  Think of it as […]

How to avoid a fraudulent invoice

Yes, fraudulent invoices are a `thing` and, unfortunately, have been for some time.  This is one of the main reasons why you need to continuously monitor your credit control procedures and systems at all times, protecting your company at all costs.  Doctoring client invoices or falsifying documents can be big business.  With estimates that over […]

Collecting on overdue invoices – collection invoice strategies

Collecting business debts must be done tactfully, purposefully, and quickly to help keep your business with a healthy cash flow.  Getting paid late for any business, regardless of size and nature, is a huge pain.  Of course, we understand that sometimes invoices become outstanding or delayed for several reasons, some of these reasons seemingly innocent, […]

The meaning of an unpaid invoice

Unpaid invoices.  That pile (hopefully small) that sits at the end of your desk.  The pile of papers that you don’t like to think about, yet they cause you the biggest concern.  Concern and stress because unpaid invoices have a negative knock-on effect on your everyday business operations.  Chasing outstanding and overdue invoices eats up […]