Why late payment culture is no longer acceptable

It’s become something of an accepted `norm` that most businesses pay late. Invoices are received, popped to one side, reminders are sent, and it is not until days, if not weeks after the agreed payment term deadline, or a third-party agent becomes involved that payment is received.  However, what we don’t know throughout all of […]

Strengthening the rules around late payment

At the start of 2021, the government announced positive changes to the Prompt Payment Code, explicitly surrounding the rules and guidance around late payments.  One of the most significant changes implemented is halving the payment period from 60 days to 30 (for small businesses).  This change is set to help protect jobs and support future […]

Why work with a commercial collection agency

Business only works if you continually collect on monies owed for the goods and services you provide.  However, we understand that collecting unpaid invoices is probably not the best part of your job and certainly not an element that everyone feels confident with.  We also know just how much time can be taken up chasing […]