How to Create the Perfect Invoice

How to Create the Perfect Invoice

When it comes to avoiding overdue invoice payments, you’ll want to ensure that you are writing the perfect invoice each and every time. Although our company will be more than happy to help you send an overdue invoice email, we encourage you to always try and get your invoice procedure right to avoid this issue in the first place. Keep reading as we share our top tips for creating the perfect invoice to send to your clients.

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Know Who You Are Sending the Invoice To 

If you want your invoices to be paid on time, you’ll need to ensure you are addressing them to the correct person in the company. Make sure that the name that you put on the invoice is the right person within the company, otherwise, you’ll find that the invoice gets passed around and lost within a large company. If you aren’t sure who this person is, don’t be afraid to ask. It’s one of the key things to consider when thinking about what to include on an invoice and will help you to be paid on time.

Use Reference Numbers 

Reference numbers should be used throughout your company when it comes to customers placing orders, and you’ll want to carry these over to your invoices. This can be useful for both you and the client, as you’ll be able to use these to keep track of payments when it comes to the end of the tax year. You’ll use these reference numbers in the future to follow up if the invoice isn’t paid on time, which is why they are a critical part of how to make an invoice in the UK.

Include the Payment Date 

When a payment date isn’t added to the invoice, how will the recipient know when to pay for your services. This will help to avoid late payment of invoices, which is something no company can afford in this day and age. So many companies make this simple mistake, which means they aren’t giving their customers a deadline for payment. If you can’t afford the non-payment of invoices, you’ll need to ensure you are adding a clear date to every invoice from now on. At this point, you should also clearly add your payment terms, and don’t hide this at the bottom of the page in tiny print. Make sure this is clear to anyone who reads the invoice to avoid issues further on.

Offer Your Payment Methods 

We all want our clients to pay on time, but it’s impossible for that to happen if you don’t share the payment methods on offer. Make it easy for your client by adding the different payment methods that you accept, and try to give them a choice where possible. This will make it easier for any type of company to pay you on time and is something you should always consider when learning how to make an invoice. If you are dealing with clients that are based overseas, keep this in mind to ensure the payment option you are offering will be suitable for them as well.

Add Your Contact Details 

One of the most common reasons that companies end up chasing invoices is that they do provide contact details for queries. We all make mistakes when it comes to invoices, and it’s common for companies to question the amount that they’ve been charged. Try to make this easy for them so that you don’t have to chase the invoice later on just because of a small misunderstanding. They’ll also be able to keep you informed if there was a delay to their payment schedule, which can stop frustration from building between the two parties. 

Be Polite and Courteous at All Times 

While you no doubt want to be paid for your hard work when you are writing an invoice, you need to make sure you are polite and say thank you throughout the process. Remember, the payment procedure could make or break whether a company works with you again, which is something most companies are very concerned about during this current time. Ensure you are offering your clients great customer service during this time and that you answer their calls and emails straight away to avoid any further issues building up between you. You’ll be surprised at how many companies will return to you just because of a great experience when taking payments.

By following these top tips, you can write the perfect invoice each and every time. We highly recommend taking your time to proofread your invoices and ensure that all the details you’ve entered are correct. This will help you to avoid issues with your payments and stop you from wasting hours chasing missed payments. If you do find you are having issues with your invoices, contact our team today, call 0330 229 1991 or email, who will be happy to guide you in the right direction to collect missing payments.

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